The Future of Work: Why Freelancers are Becoming More Important

28 июля 2021, 16:55

Businesses are becoming more and more digital. While digital transformation has been on the rise for a while now, it has greatly accelerated with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. This means companies’ workforces are also changing, with freelancers increasingly becoming a core part of the team. Here are some of the top benefits companies can take advantage of when hiring freelancers:

Home Office

Many businesses have turned to remote work since the outbreak of COVID-19. What started as a short-term solution has turned out to be much more efficient than what most managers initially predicted. Home offices have made it much easier for businesses to hire freelancers since they can now recruit globally, making it easier to find the ideal specialist.

Flexible Hiring

The work world has also become more fast-paced, with projects having shorter time horizons. The gig economy offers various benefits to corporations, such as greater flexibility and quickly meeting new business demands. Companies can thus hire specialists for specific projects without having to deal with the hassle that comes with employing long-term staff.

Less Bureaucracy

Hiring staff comes with lots of paperwork, from social insurance and taxes to labor contracts. Hiring freelancers can be viewed as a B2B transaction, meaning the freelancer is responsible for running his or her own show. The hiring business only fulfills whatever responsibilities were agreed in the contract.


Hiring freelancers is often more cost-effective as well. The per-hour remuneration may be higher, but reduced bureaucracy and the flexibility of not having to employ freelancers all year round can help businesses save a lot. The bottom line is positive in most cases.

Team Culture

One downside many businesses see in hiring freelancers is that it is more challenging to integrate them into the team culture. They may be there only for a short time, and they may feel less loyal to the business and team. However, management can better integrate freelancers into the team by building a long-term relationship with them. This may include rehiring the same freelancers, inviting them to offsite events, or including them in team-building activities.

To conclude, freelancers bring many advantages to businesses, and companies can benefit by becoming more freelance-friendly. The work world needs flexibility now more than ever, and freelancers can provide just that.

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