Protecting Your Product: 10 Necessary Shipping Steps For Your Business

17 июня 2021, 14:13

In order to make sure your goods can get delivered intact and on time, there are certain shipping procedures you must follow. Here are ten steps you can take to ensure your items are well packaged and well protected:

  1. Pack Efficiently

If you want your products to arrive at their destinations in good shape, you will need to pay extra attention to your packaging. Consider factors like fragility, over-packing, excess space, etc.

  1. Select the Right Packaging Materials

Some items may require extra protection, like cushioning. For these products, you will have to use specific packaging materials such as airbags, styrofoam peanuts, foam inserts, and bubble wrap.

  1. Choose the Right Box

The type of box you use will either increase or decrease protection levels. A new and intact box is vital for maximum protection during the shipping process. You can also talk to packaging experts to figure out what type of materials may best protect your items.

  1. For Longer Distances, Add More Wrapping

Usually, the amount of wrapping you use will depend on how far your package will go. Be sure to add extra layers of wrapping paper if you are shipping internationally.

  1. Avoid Wrapping Too Tightly

While a secure fit will help keep your items safe in the box, you should also try to avoid packaging them too tightly. This is particularly important when dealing with fragile goods like glass, which is easily breakable.

  1. Wrap Each Product Separately

If your package contains more than one item, you must make sure they are all wrapped separately. Use wrapping and cushioning to prevent the products from hitting each other, and use plastic packaging if your package has liquid.

  1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Sustainable packaging can help draw in new customers while improving brand reputation. Environmentally-conscious consumers may revisit your business and even recommend it to others, helping you increase profits for free.

  1. Design Packaging for Returns

There may be times when customers want to make returns. To prepare for such cases, you should create packages that can be unpacked and repacked easily. This will help improve the customer experience while protecting your products.

  1. Provide Clear Labelling

It won’t matter if your product is packaged efficiently if handlers can’t deliver your package due to unclear labeling. Thus, clear labeling is a must to make sure your items can get delivered successfully and on time. Make sure your package is marked as fragile if it contains delicate goods so it can be handled carefully.

  1. Parcel Insurance Coverage

Getting insurance to better prepare for risks and unexpected events is also a good idea. Consider implementing package tracking to gain better control over the transport process as well.

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