Ghana and Denmark Sign Two Green Cooperation Agreements

17 февраля 2022, 15:29

Denmark is a global leader in the fight against global warming by lowering greenhouse gas emissions. It intends to share this fight with its commercial allies around the world, including Ghana.

In 2011, Denmark set itself the objective of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. Since then, intermediate objectives have been defined: to increase the share of renewable energies in total primary energy supplies to 30% by 2020 (target achieved in 2016) and 55% by 2030. The Danish Energy Agency has estimated that in the absence of complementary policies, the share of renewable energies will stagnate, and the consumption of fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions are likely to increase after 2020. To remedy this, Denmark has turned into a VRP in the fight against global warming, inviting all its allies, as far as possible, to commit to the planet.

Encouraging Business Partners to Step up for the Environment

It is in this context that Denmark, which has maintained fruitful trade relations with Ghana for more than 60 years, signed with the latter two Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). A Letter of Intent on Zero Emissions in Shipping (signed by the President of Ghana and the Prime Minister of Denmark) and a letter of Intent on Green Umbrella Water Solutions for Danish Projects (signed by the Honorable Minister for Sanitation and Water Resources of Ghana and the Ambassador of Denmark to Ghana). The two MoU aim at reducing the impact on climate change, as well as boosting water efficiency and conservation in Ghana in particular and west Africa in general.

The Danish Prime Minister recalled the stakes of this agreement, stating, “we all know what is happening in your region because of climate change, poverty rate, and migration statistics and it brings a lot of different problems with it. We need to respond to climate change both in Africa and in Europe and to build a stronger bridge between us when it comes to climate change.” She expressed her country’s readiness to help protect Ghana’s ocean, and address other issues such as security, poverty, and unemployment.

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