Europe Fears a Repeat of 2015 Refugee Crisis as Afghanistan Collapses

15 ноября 2021, 17:29

The devastating change in Afghanistan is signaling another immigration crisis after the Syrian case began in 2015. These immigrants want to reach one of the developed countries and get residency rights for their families. Thus, in recent years, there has been a surge in immigration from Latin America’s poorest countries to the US and other countries in Asia and Africa.

A Probable Version of the Syrian Crisis

In the case of Syria, the armed conflict has resulted in a large-scale migration to European countries via Turkey. The current situation in Afghanistan has triggered a new migration from Asia to Europe. As a result, talks are currently underway between Turkey and the member countries of the European Union (EU).

In comparison to the one million Syrians who applied for asylum in EU countries between 2015 and 2016, the number of refugees would reach a peak if the situation in Afghanistan worsened. However, it is impossible to stop immigration, and the Central Asian country is in turmoil. Without an armed intervention, it appears unlikely that the Taliban will be driven from power.

After spending tremendous financial resources and losing many soldiers, the US is hesitant to launch another intervention. Even though the EU countries do not want more immigrants in their countries, they are not contributing enough to find a solution in Afghanistan. Furthermore, the governments of Germany and other EU countries are ignoring the Taliban government’s actions. In other words, they are distancing themselves from the heart of the immigration debate while attempting to mitigate the negative effects of immigration on their respective countries. Rather than contacting the Taliban government, they prefer to contact the Turkish government to connect with Afghanistan and manage the immigration crisis.

Serious Obstacles for Turkey

Understanding the reaction of the Turkish government has been a little challenging in the last five years due to the frequently changing approaches to varying international issues. There is a set of contradictory international relations policies followed by the Turkish government. For example, while trying to improve relations with Russia and China, President Erdogan declared the EU and the US to be enemy states a few years ago. However, Erdogan has stated in recent years that Turkey’s goal of joining the EU remains unaffected.

Regarding the immigration issues, Erdogan gave speeches underlining the importance of keeping the new immigrants away from Turkey a few months ago. However, nowadays, he expresses that Turkey is a strong country that can host many more immigrants. It is pretty challenging to understand these sudden changes in the Turkish international relations policies and immigration. We thus need to look at the communication between Turkey and the EU regarding immigration to better understand these quick changes. 

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