eCommerce Trends Shaping the Business Industry in 2021 and Beyond

21 мая 2021, 11:29

The eCommerce industry is constantly changing, with new trends emerging very quickly. Here are the top trends to expect in 2021:

An Increase in eCommerce Sales

Constant growth in the eCommerce sector has triggered fierce global competition, with players in the industry experiencing massive pressure. However, the industry will likely continue to grow as more shoppers use the Internet to look for products. In fact, retailers are expecting an increase in eCommerce sales even after the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

Companies have thus been focusing on strengthening their relationships with customers through advanced technologies to increase their sales. The idea of using tools such as artificial intelligence (AI) and personalization to attract new customers and increase sales is increasingly gaining popularity.

eCommerce Automation

Automating processes can play a significant role in helping online businesses grow. eCommerce automation helps you and your employees save resources and time, allowing the team to focus on more critical matters. For instance, businesses with massive warehouses should consider utilizing autonomous robots to enhance efficiency, improve operations, increase material handling accuracy and productivity, and even boost customer satisfaction.


eCommerce Personalization is also currently gaining popularity in the sector, and experts believe this trend will remain relevant even in the post-COVID world. Businesses are using personalization to attract new customers while retaining their old ones by:

  • Customizing homepages
  • Displaying recently viewed products
  • Advertising personalized products based on past purchases

Some fashion websites have been using personalization to develop creative, aesthetic feeds as well, in order to offer customers a more personalized and unique experience. Recommending products based on how customers shop is an excellent way of maintaining high engagement. Companies can also leverage audience data to determine what customers may like or dislike. With the right data, businesses can have an easier time fulfilling customer demands and making them feel more appreciated.

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