4 Unusual Tips to Manage a Remote Team

26 октября 2020, 09:32

With the outbreak of the coronavirus, companies have turned to remote work to keep their employees safe. Many have faced challenges trying to emulate the system they previously had and are eager to go back to the office. However, if done right, remote working can become a very beneficial system for both the company and its employees. Here are some commonly overlooked tips on working remotely to get you started:

1.      Use Discord for internal communication

For communication among employees, it may be useful to use a messaging platform like Discord. With Discord, you can:

  1. Create voice-channels. This is faster than typing and can be extremely useful in meetings.
  2. Hold video call meetings with up to 10 people. In most cases, this is more than enough for small team meetings. However, due to the pandemic, Discord is allowing up to 50 participants in one video session.
  3. Screen share, transfer files, images, videos, etc. Discord offers everything you need to communicate efficiently without having to switch over to different team.
  4. Assign roles. Unlike other software services, Discord allows you to create roles within your server, giving access to different channels and features to your team members. This is a big time saver and a good organizer for the team.

2. Streamline your process in Trello or Process Street

Trello and Process Sheet help ensure quality and efficiency within the workplace. When you have a step-by-step process, your employees can easily access it and can keep you updated in real-time. You can also follow your employee’s process without having to interrupt. It would be wise to not follow-up daily or do one-on-one video check-ins. Instead, a better practice would be to hold a weekly meeting with each team member and talk about the process then.

3. Resource your team

This may sound obvious, but in most cases, it is commonly overlooked. Make sure your teams have everything they need to do their work: from laptops and mobile devices to software and high-speed internet connection.

4. Set rules of engagement for your team… and yourself

Add clear rules on what type of communication is allowed and at what time. When can they reach you, and when can you reach them? Can they use gifs and emojis? How often should everyone check their email or Discord channels?

Make sure to be as clear as possible.

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